Mission Statement


Historical Life Course Studies is the electronic journal of the European Historical Population Samples Network (EHPS-Net). The journal is the primary publishing outlet for research involved in the conversion of existing European and non-European large historical demographic databases into a common format, the Intermediate Data Structure, and for studies based on these databases. The journal publishes both methodological and substantive research articles.

Methodological Articles
This section includes methodological articles that describe all forms of data handling involving large historical databases, including extensive descriptions of new or existing databases, syntax, algorithms and extraction programs. Authors are encouraged to share their syntaxes, applications and other forms of software presented in their article, if pertinent, on the EHPS-Net website.

Research articles
This section includes substantive articles reporting the results of comparative longitudinal studies that are demographic and historical in nature, and that are based on micro-data from large historical databases.

Historical Life Course Studies is a no-fee double-blind, peer-reviewed open-access journal supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF), the Scientific Research Network of Historical Demography (FWO Flanders) and the International Institute of Social History Amsterdam (IISH).

Manuscripts are reviewed by the editors, members of the editorial and scientific boards, and by external reviewers.

All journal content is freely available on the internet at http://www.ehps-net.eu/journal.

Amsterdam/Leuven, 17 April 2013